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So it's been a while since the last post. Happy 2016 guys I know it is late hahaha. I was too busy with RL that I don't have time to do a wallpaper, but I finally finished one.

Hopefully, I can get the site revamped.

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There's another new tutorial for you guys - for all those who have trouble with lighting or are just curious about it, check out the 'Basic Lighting' tutorial in the Tutorials page~
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As of today, we have a 4th addition to our craz-I mean lovely, little family - please welcome Tina18, also known as Tina-pon!

She's notorious for her awesome vectors and love for everything KHR and Tsuna-related so expect a lot of bishie goodies from her soon~ :D
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Yay We've got new affliates Please welcome
The Jaded Network aka TJN
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After being empty for months (and serving as my blurb page most of the time), I'm happy to say that the Tutorials page is finally up and filled with content!
To start things right off, I've been working on a way to show you all the basics of making wallpapers for these past few days so if you're interested, feel free to check it out! XD
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