About Prismatic Realm

Prismatic Realm is a small site with a compilation of Anime, Manga and Game wallpapers and resources. It started out as just an idea at first (mostly because Alenas just wanted to have a spiffy graphics site of her own and Ash, who kept on customizing pages and making websites, got hyped about it) but it hasn't reached its realization until June 2011 when Alenas and Ashes came together one day, said 'Let's make a site!', sat down and started working on it. Through many trials and tribulations, Prismatic Realm finally saw the light of the day and is now proudly up and running.

Terms of Use

All series and characters are © their respective owners. Do not redistribute, rip, alter or claim our wallpapers and resources as your own. Do not remove watermarks or signatures from our wallpapers/resources. When using our resources (vectors and extractions), please credit the ones who made them and if possible, provide a link to our site or the person who created them. Wallpapers and resources are for personal/artistic purposes only; any commercial usage of them is prohibited. For any further information, please contact us.


Srsn a.k.a. Ashes

Srsng/srsn...seems hard to pronounce or remember, doesn't it? Don't fret, just call her Ashlie, Ash or Ashes. She started walling way back in 2008 but she began uploading her works online in December 2009. Back in 2010, she could make 1-2 walls per week, but university came and took all of her free time away so she became a walling turtle - creating an average of 1 wall per month. Her gallery is comprised of soft, scenic walls that exhibit a combination of vectoring and painting.
She is the type of person who screams "kyaa~" over some hot bishie while watching anime. If you don't see her walling, then you can bet she is running an anime or manga marathon (that is, if there is no Uni-related thing to do). She is also the backbone of this site and deals with everything code-related.

Minitokyo | deviantArt


Alenas is just your average lazy human who likes to procrastinate and wall when she has to do other important stuff (also known as 'life'). Her walling style is usually a combination of vectoring/painting though she has dabbed in vexeling a bit (and cursed at the computer while doing it) and other walling techniques. She's also a fanfiction writer whose muses had abandoned her (and she's not sure if they'll ever come back) and a fanartist with really bad drawing skills.
When she is free, she likes to read and draw, play with her pets, listen to music, stare into space for no particular reason and not make wallpapers. Yes, she's a bit contradictory like that. She usually avoids sparkly shoujo like a plague and likes good shounen/seinen series like DOGS. She's the one who shamelessly copy/pastes the codes Ash makes and deals with everything text-related.

Minitokyo | deviantArt


Trofikabinet (also known as Trofi or Trofi-chi) is someone who's too lazy to write her own bio so until she does, Alenas will do it for her and thoroughly go overboard with it, trololol~
Trofi is known for her Vampire Knight and CLAMP obsessions, as well as for her habit of mentally undressing bishies and doing perverted things to them in her mind. Her walls are mostly comprised of series mentioned above (though you can find one random, cute little girl) and her style resembles the rest of the team; namely, she also uses vectoring/painting combo.
In her free time, she likes to mope around with a rainy cloud over her head, (that she affectionately calls 'Kumo-kun') and, if she's in the mood, drink alcoholic beverages of all kinds. Don't worry, she's pretty stable and nice otherwise.



Well, what do you know, another lazy person had joined the team - Tina, Tina18 or Valentina is your average person you can find everywhere. She started walling on a whim, and went on the hard way, trying to teach herself the ways of vectoring, later on the ways of painting after learning about the magic of SAI and getting a tablet. She always enjoyed making wallpapers, because despite the fun of making something beautiful and learning new things (and between us, the ARGH times), she made them for her own liking which strangely brought her much joy; a strange one I tell you. This person likes snails and the sea, she wastes her free time on the internet or, if not so lazy with a murder/mystery book, cooking or taking pictures of small cute animals.

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